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Is it considered cheating or fair play to lay down your tiles until the game accepts a word?

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Basically is it okay to use the computer's word knowledge to make acceptable words or is the game based upom forming word's using your own word knowledge. Many people are convinced placing the tiles, regardless if they know it to be a legal word,and hitting submit to see if the word is legal is allowed, and is in no way cheating. I've scoured the rule book and know there is a rule about laying legal words but that has now been interpretted as it doesn't say you can't try. I am looking for a definitive answer on this matter, pls help.
asked 8 years ago by anonymous

2 Answers

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Zynga allows players to try words until they are accepted. Until they change this in their program it is allowable.
answered 8 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (188,640 points)
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If you are playing the board game Scrabble® then yes, that would be cheating.

Words With Friends is not Scrabble®.
answered 8 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)

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