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Why are there so many cheaters playing?

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asked 9 years ago in Disputes by Steven Morrissey Word Rookie (130 points)
I know when people cheat Cus I beat them every game by 150 then they beat me by 200. People think I cheat but I play a lot and steal words used against me and it has expanded my vocabulary because I look up the words to see what it means.
I was cursed out too... Lol and the word I used was 'gayness' lol my...smh
some of us ask each other before hand if they mind if we use a "scabble helper" app to play the game.
I only play with my family & friends for the fun and connection. I have no problem with them using a "helper" app against me.
But then, I am not very competitive...
Lol good answer. Me too i just memorize all the words that are played against me and i beat everyone by 200 points.
CompititionPlease...your name is misspelled. It's competition.
and yet, you spelled competition wrong....
Someone cursed me out and accused me of cheating just because I happened to be beating him/her by a wide margin. Sometimes you get some great letters at just the right time, and sometimes you keep just getting vowels.  It happens.  Some people just need to grow up.
I know that lol!
I agree.  Some people just can accept a beating.
I have to play people that use the cheat, just for a closer game
Quite true. Some people can't accept losing. lol
People love playing against me because I rarely win, but I don't mind losing, it is the fun in the game, but when I know someone is cheating, I will not play them again, right now my boyfriend's aunt is cheating against me and I am going to tell her I don't want to play anymore, I don't think it is right, she always wins me by 300 or more points and comes up with words that are unbelievable and always uses them on the triple and double letter and and word tiles.  She tells me it is luck, yeah right, luck my butt, lol
I have the very same issue with an opponent I just played, on all 3-games she played fast, had instant answers with long unusual names, and always beat by a couple of hundred points! When not playing in the tournament, sometimes I win, and sometimes lose, but usually the end-numbers results are not that distant apart. So far, 3 opponents I have tried seem to display this action!! I will not play them again, but feel discouraged about even playing at all. How can we report these individuals we suspect of using these apps?
Never heard of scrabble helper!!! Seems that would be cheating...idk! However I do use word Unscrambler.....I feel that is not cheating

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How do you know they are cheating? 

The only time I've suspected anyone of cheating is if I've played them for awhile to see their pattern of play and then suddenly their vocabulary changes radically.

There are long time scrabble players who have accumulated a great vocabulary for playing that may include unusual words, and people who have unusual linguistic skills and/or memories that make the game very interesting.

answered 9 years ago by LuckyDuckQQ Word Freak (2,280 points)
Thank you!  I was accused of cheating by some troll with very poor skills.  I've been playing Scrabble for decades, by the way.
this. accusations of cheating get tossed out so nonchalantly, it's almost as annoying as the actual cheaters. when i am accused of cheating it's invariably by a novice balking at the use of jube or zed or qat or something similar which is fairly obscure in everyday usage but quite common to anyone who has been around the game for any period of time. and, as mentioned in the above post, if i've established a player's pattern of the course of several games and then suddenly his or her word IQ skyrockets, i will likely refuse any more games - but i still won't go around yelling cheater.
Who needs to cheat...I just throw letters up on the board where there's a tripe or double space, & keep arranging them until they the game accepts a combination of letters as a word, or I run out of combinations, & move on..who needs a scrabble dictionary?
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It is very difficult to prove someone is "cheating" without having live video of the games. If you suspect someone of cheating, that is here on this site, please contact us privately by clicking on "Send Feedback" at the bottom of this page. Send any information you have to support your conclusion including a screenshot. Unfortunately there are those who don't follow the rules and spoil the game for the others.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
A player's vocab is only as good as the letters they receive.  I have played more than a few games where I have not been able to play more than 4 letter words and others where I have been able to clear the deck more than once and score every triple word. It just depends
> "A player's vocab is only as good as the letters they receive."

yes and no. true there are some games where you just can't seem to draw a decent rack, or when you do the board position is crappy, etc. but over the course of a game you can usually get a fairly good sense of your opponent's skill level.
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i am an average player...............when i first started playing 12 months it seemed to me all games were fair -------------------six months ago i ran words with friends cheat thru google - one or two links..............................................................now i run the same question thru google with many entries

hardly surprising as "cheating" appears normal from my observations

app wiped
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
The cheaters are very obvious.  They play 6 and 7 letter words quickly (in less than a minute after my last move) off of a word I just played.  There is no way it is humanly possible to do that over and over in a game.

Also, they will play a high point word close to a TW square.  That is where I often beat them.  They have no concept of the strategy of the game.  

But they usually win.  Their app or cheat program will help them place the letters they have in the perfet place for the most points.

It is sad and pathetic that people cheat.  Are they that desperate for a win?  Is their ego so fragile they must win to feel good about themselves?  Sad!

My estimate is that 70% of the players here cheat.  I am leaving this site.  As an honest player, it gauls me to have to play against so many people who cheat.
dwcofer, I think I've replied to this sentiment you've posted in other similar threads, but I'll do so once more ;-)... I agree to a point. Where I disagree is with the idea that all cheaters are easy to spot. IMO the obvious cases are few and far between. There are many more that might not be as blatant, might not jump out at you, but are cases of cheating nontheless. So the pall of suspicion gets cast over everyone, the honest (but skilled) players and the cheaters, as oftentimes you can never be completely sure.

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