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Why does the person with a big lead win when they have tiles left butpass until I play my last tile

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asked 10 years ago in Disputes by anonymous
It's cause they have no moves left so they take advantage of the other player by passing. This lets them off the hook and, since they have such a significant lead, allows them to win. What you ought to do is refuse to keep the game going for them. How it is supposed to work is that, once a player cannot make a legal move, he or she must resign. By passing they are admitting that they can't move, but they still want to win. That isn't fair. Next time a person passes at the end of the game, pass back. Make the other person resign and admit defeat. :) After all, winning the game isn't just about points but also how you play. If you end up backed into a corner, game over...
duh. maybe because THEY HAVE A BIG LEAD?
Am not sure how the passing thing works - so, if my opponent passes, and then I do too, and it happens three times (I believe) the game ends - but is it the FIRST person who passed who therefore loses, or is the result of the game still down to points??

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As long as they have a lead and you continue playing after they pass, they win.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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