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Need to find Opponent's username, can the Search feature show a list so I can choose my opponent?

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I Have played an opponent with one username. I have a new username because i was using a friends iPad and username. Now with my own username i seek out my former opponents. But i cannot recall the username exactly (john_88) i cannot log in to pior usename as i accidentally requested new password and intrustions were sent to my friends email which i cannot acciess and dont want to. If the search feature allowed i could search for" John" and pick my old opponent from a list of john_8_88 or johnn88 or john/88 or john_88 for example. presently unless i recall a username EXACTLY, i'm SOL. Since the opponent i seek hasn't contacted me, i assume he'sexperiencing the same delimma. Please help. Note:usernames are examples only.
asked 8 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
I don't know my friends email so I can't find him on a different program. What do I do?

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You will need to contact Zynga's help desk to see if they can answer this for you. http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 8 years ago by anonymous

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