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Why no points info of your potential score from a move BEFORE you play tiles?

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maybe i am spoiled by the scrabble app, but is there any way to set the game so it tells you the potential points for a move BEFORE you play the tiles?

scrabble not only has this feature when you lay the tiles on the board, it also has a teacher to help you see if you could have made a better move. i'd upgrade to paid, but it doesn't seem to addres these issues with features, just get rid of ads.

does anyone know if words can be set to add points for potential moves before they are made?
asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
My kindle fire would show me the points before I hit submit and that feature went away 2 days ago??? Anyone know how/why???

3 Answers

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Points are not shown at this time. You can contact Zynga directly and make the suggestion to them. Their help desk is http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
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Hello I was getting this but then it suddenly stopped this was on the free app , so upgraded and paid but won't show on either game? so much better when you can see your potential score as you can keep moving tiles around to find your highest.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
Yes what happened to this feature? It suddenly went away!
Same thing just happened to me.....not happy
Happened to me to....thought I was going crazy.....
This happened to me, too.  Is it a bug or are they taking away features for the free app?
Just lost mine too. This can't be!!!! Hey, mine was added free by words 3-4 weeks ago. How long did everyone else have it? Maybe it was a teaser, but I can't find this option on any of the upgrades.
My iPad shows the points before I play them. However, my husband's iPad does not. Don't think it's a timing thing. We both began playing about a month ago n
The points show on my phone, but not on my iPad..big disappointment!!
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It's simple , Click on the 'more' icon in the bottom right of the screen in words with friends (when in a game) and click the icon labelled 'AN' This is in the paid version that I have, I'm unsure if things change in other versions
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
Thank you so much!!!! This totally worked for me :D
Worked for me too...Thanks
Worked for me as well.  Thanks!
When I click on the "more" icon during a game I do not have the "AN" icon on my IPad or IPhone
It will be a green cube with the letters A N on it with a number next to them, when enabled this cube turns grey
Excellent. It worked on free version on S3 Galaxy. Much chuntering from SO has been quietened!
Thank you!this was very helpful

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