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How do I take a screenshot to prove i.e. my opponent idled for 24h?

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My opponent in the March tournament has idled for more than 24hs. According to

tournament rules, I can now enter a forfeit, but what happens if she wakes up

and contests the result? The rules suggest I take a screenshot, but how do I

do thi?
asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by Word Rookie (140 points)

2 Answers

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Here are instructions for iPhone:
Simply press and hold the "Home" button at center bottom of the iPhone, then press and release the "Sleep" button on top right of the iPhone. This causes the iPhone to "flash" white briefly and the image is added to your "camera roll" on the phone.
eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4605966_screen-shot-iphone-screenshot-app.html
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
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On Android, the procedure is slightly more involved
As an alternative if you just take a photo of your screen that will be fine
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
You can also download screen capture apps for android, they are readily available

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