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how do i log out of words with friends and log in to another acount

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asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous

2 Answers

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Technically you cannot log out of the game words with friends you can only change your username and email/ password otherwise you cannot log out, you would need to delete the app then, download it again and create a new account instead of using an existing account. -Sam
answered 10 years ago by Word Rookie (320 points)
I'm having the same problem. I have deleted it from iPod and reinstalled it several times. A box pops up with "welcome back....". It's my sons iPod. He cannot create WWF acct and play. It keeps showing up as me. Deleting isn't working. What's another solution?
We had the SAME problem and it's screwed up 4 of our accounts now!  The Zynga helpdesk is of NO help!  My sister has an account for herself on her phone and one for her son on his ipad, both linked to her email address.  I had one on my phone with my email address.  My sister gave my kids her old iphone so I went in to set up an account for them and didn't realize it actually changed her account to my email and my kids usernames.  Now it's merged her games and theirs into one account.  It won't let either of us reset it back to her account.  Zynga helpdesk seems totally confused and hasn't been able to help.  Why on earth can't they manage accounts like every other app and device on earth.  Create a username and have a login/logout function.  They make it overly complicated.  I now have two different usernames because of my iphone and FB logins, but they're all the same usersnames.  So bizzarre for such a popular app!!!
I have almost the same thing! I had t make another account because my kindle reset and i want to log into my other one to delete it but now it wont let me. My fb is connected to the other one so i cant connect it to my new one. Its so stupid they don't have a login/logout >:/
same thing has happened to me now and my mom was pretty much crying because we cant sign into her name. it is linked to my email so only my username shows up. have they came up with a solution yet? please help!
Kindel fire........ went into apps...selected words with friends.... clear data yes.... it should clear the cache as well if not clear that too.....
Does this strike you as a really stupid way to write software?
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Kindel fire........ went into apps...selected words with friends.... clear data yes.... it should clear the cache as well if not clear that too.....
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
iPhone... Delete words with friends... Then delete Facebook apps.  Go to settings, safari, clear history, clear cookies and data.   Then go back and open safari.  Search for Facebook login and go to website.  Log in there with account you want to play words in.  Then reinstall words app.  It will pick up the new Facebook  acct ... Then after I got that right, I reinstalled Facebook and logged in officially with the account I used in safari.  Finally everything is working and it forgot the old account.  Worked for me... Good luck!
THANK YOU!!  This was the perfect solution!  I'd send you a Christmas gift but I don't know who you are!  :-)
Your welcome... Merry Christmas!!!!  This procedure should be in a Words with Friends guide somewhere to switch between Words accounts.  I cleared all traces of the old words and facebook accounts then used safari to log back into my husbands Facebook acct.  Slowly added apps back with words first... Success!  It took many attempts to get it right and in the right order.  ;) barbamom1
Well, you are my hero!  If you feel like playing a game my UN is RubiconFrost
Started a game with you..  but my husband plays most of the time for me... He's tough so good luck!  Keeps him busy...   This is why I needed to figure out how to get both Facebook "words with friends" to work.  The old iPhone needed to be changed to his acct.
I tried that and it did not work pls help! I have the account correct on phone and ipad but need to switch the account on Facebook
I was having this problem and couldn't get the safari option to work either. I did get it to work by going to the Zynga website (not on my phone). From there I logged in with Facebook. After that I went to the Account section of the website and entered my email address. After deleting Words from my phone and reinstalling it the app thought I was the wrong account still, but I had the option to login with an email address instead. I might have skipped the facebook login first, I can't remember. After using the email address I entered on the Zygna site it seems to be working. Hopefully that works for you.
Really, that answer dont make scence.

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