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No Dec daily on my list & can't get into Daily even though in registered & it's Dec 1st

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On "My Tourney" page I can't get Dec 1st opponents for either tournament. This happens every month. I am in mountain time and so I'm not sure why. I suspect it's something to do with programming & the actual start time. Can we please move the start time up to the end of the Nov daily. My routine to start games when I first get up works well for me and I can't do this if the tournaments start late every 1st day of the month.
asked 8 years ago in Monthly by mom2boys3girls Word Freak (3,910 points)

2 Answers

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The Daily has to be manually started each month. It should start soon. Sorry for the delay.
answered 8 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,580 points)
What about the monthly? It's 8:30 am MDT on Dec 1st & it won't let me in saying I am registered, but have to wait until tournament start date to play. It's past that date.
Also is it possible to have daily manually started on last day of month so we can play early am?
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. It's 12:15 pm MDT & I still can't get a monthly game since it keeps telling me I'm registered, but have to wait until tournament starts. I thought it started today. Also no daily tournament in my list either.
answered 8 years ago by mom2boys3girls Word Freak (3,910 points)
I would assume that there is a problem, and that the folks in charge are working on it. No delirium tremens yet...

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