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Was I really inactive for Rd 16 of the Daily? Or is it personal? ;-)

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Did my Rd 14 opponent drag his feet with updating the results? We finished that game yesterday afternoon. My Rd 15 game is still in progress but I did not receive a Rd 16 opponent and am having to wait for the draw. Was it something I did? ;-)
asked 8 years ago in Daily by OzGuff Word Rookie (230 points)

1 Answer

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It was more something that you "did not" do. If two games go unrecorded then the system automatically drops you from the draw. This is to prevent inactive players from being assigned opponents. In order to prevent this, mark your games "In Progress" by clicking on the "How did the Game End" and click on "In Progress". This happened to me in Round 14 so I had to sit out as well. So sad.
answered 8 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,580 points)
I was also wondering if it is that you are considered to be inactive how would you be able to be put back into the daily challenges, is all we have to do is just put in progress for how the game ended then we will be all set to play again?
You click on the "Re-Join" to become active in the Daily Challenges again.

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