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Chat dings constantly every few seconds.I cant turn it off !Im not getting any messages even though its dinging

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I have uninstalled and re installed the app, turned my phone off and on. It is also the same for chess with friends? I have turned off all notifications through the app itself and through the notification settings on my phone but it still consantly makes that sound every 30 seconds or so. how can I stop this and force messages that my opponents have sent me through?please help!
asked 10 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
Same thing is happening to me today.
and to me too
Same thing happening to me also today.  Did anyone figure how to stop this?  I have tried reinstalling and this didn't help.
same problem here.  have turned off all push notifications.  rebooted phone.  cant kill the dings.
(iphone 4gs, ios 5.01)
Me too. i sent in a request to Zynga but hey its New Year's Eve and don't expect anyone to answer for awhile. Hey a least its not some really bad old ringtone that I would be ashamed to admit was mine, just that little DING.
Mine won't stop dinging and it's driving me crazy.  Never happened before today... Usually only dings when I get a message.  So annoying!!!
Same thing happening for two of us! Driving us crazy- playing less! Pls assist- thanks!
Me too. Just started this afternoon.  It must be in Zynga's software if it is coming through on so many iPads etc.
Dinging is driving me nut!
I'm not the only one! This started happening today on my iPhone and iPad. Turning off sounds for the app in the Notification Center doesn't mute it.
Mine is dinging too. Just started tonight.
Glad I am not the only one!! It is still happening today.
Everyone else in the family had this problem and mine only started after someone sent me a message in words with friends and now mine has the same problem
OY!!  What is with these dings?!?!
me too and mine is paid version. every time it updates. ANNOYING!
Is it just me or did it STOP?  Thank Goodness!!
YES! it has finally stopped! thank god for that!!!! :)
It was probably a server side problem and Monday was their first day back at work after the holidays and now it's fixed!

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Same thing started happening to me today
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
I thought it was problem w my iPad when it started happening this morn - had to be at Apple store anyway - they said for sure is problem w the WWF APP - it's driving me crazy - now my husband's iPhone dinging every 30 seconds - HELP!
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This started happening to me today too
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
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Same here. Dings constantly. I also sent in a help request via email. Will post if I hear a reply. It just started a couple of days ago. If anyone hears of a solution please post. At least we know it's their problem and not ours. It Is happening to too many people. Now I won't waste time un- and re - installing the ap
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
Just wondering if any of you have payed to shut off advertisements. I'm assuming the dinging noise is to get me to purchase the no advertisements app.
mine is a paid version and i have been getting the dings every time it updates since yesterday (saturday) afternoon.
Mine is also the paid version. (One of the few paid apps that I have!)
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It's dinging every time it updates, which is CONSTANTLY!
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
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...the only relief I've had from that incessant dinging was while writing in this complaint.
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
It just started withe today after I received a chat message in a game, it is driving me nuts.  It won't stop dinging.
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COME ON!! Wake up and fix this please!!!
answered 10 years ago by anonymous

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