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My iPad iPhone and Facebook apps are all bugged. Any ideas? Have tried to redownload multiple times.

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My iPad iPhone and Facebook apps are all bugged. Any ideas? Have tried to redownload multiple times.
asked 8 years ago in Game Issues by activesd Word Rookie (120 points)

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Have had problems for 3 days now - tried it on several unrelated devices - game reverts to home screen after "updating - this may take a few minutes" and "loading" messages. Sent numerous emails and on line inquiries to Zynga with zero response. Maybe we should all ask for our .99 back. That's a lot of money multiplied by the numbers of purchasers of this app. The free one doesn't work either.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
I agree - I redownloaded and created a new account and it works fine now. I
 Just thinking my actual account is bugged along with the app. Luckily my monthly and I were only 2 plays into our games so I asked him to restart them with me. Still no word my zynga though : ( I'd like to get my real account working again.
Thank you!  That worked, but I still can't access my original account either.  So now I'm Redeggs2 instead of Reddeggs.
My words is doing the same thing as above. at first it was just on my Iphone but now it's also happening on the computer. I have WWF FREE. My boyfriend overseas for a month and its basically our only way to contact each other! Please help!!!
P.s I have tried deleting the game off my phone then re downloading it several time. Any answers????????????????????
I took wordrookie's advice and created a new account.  It's working ok but is very slow and I can't access the people who I used to play (should have written their names down on PAPER with a PEN!  Maybe opening a Facebook account or a gmail account (so you can iChat) would be a good idea.  My opinion is that there is a major bug at Zynga right now and their response to me so far has been to keep trying the fixes that I already know don't work.
Now I'm getting "Bad Gateway 502" error message.  Really Zynga????
The new account works but I lost all my previous games and am pretty much out of the daily too. I got an email from zynga stating the obvious - restart phone - redownload app etc. . . I'll email them tonight and let them know my real account is pretty much stuck in cyberspace. We'll see what happens, anyone else get responses from zynga?

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