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Should I just claim a victory if my opponent is playing too slow for us to finish the games in time?

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I didn't claim victory because I've been waiting for my opponent to play. We were split on the first two games and it seems like he's been dragging his feet for this third game. Now the round is over and I can't record scores, but I'm well in the lead. Is there anything I can do?
asked 9 years ago in Monthly by benjamyn Word Rookie (120 points)
Me too!! So unfair!! :( My opponent was so slow and we didn't even get to complete second game? I won first game but still waiting on opponent to move in second game!! Didn't enter scores as I was waiting for second game to end but now I am locked out of tournament!
It would be useful if we could get a reminder like 12 hour before the deadline so at that time if the advantage is clear one can already post the round victory.
If, for example, in 3 days it was not possible to finish the round, for sure who is in the lead should claim the victory, unless there's a different agreement made through chat between both parties that the games should start 1 or 2 days later and finish nearer the deadline.  What do you think about this solution? I also think the rules about who is in the lead should be stated more clearly with examples to avoid disputes.

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Send us screenshots of your game. You must enter scores before time runs out. In the future make sure you post before the time runs out or both opponents will be eliminated. As the rules state "Post or Your Toast".
answered 9 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)

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