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Im getting harrassing messages from another player. How to I find out who they are?

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Is there anyway to find out who a player really is.
asked 10 years ago by anonymous

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Player confidentiality is protected within the tournament site, so I doubt you'll get any info without a subpoena. Best suggestion is to reach out to the moderators by clicking "send feedback" link at the bottom left. Provide your screen name as well as your harrasser's screen name. They will probably want screen shots as proof of harrassment. After a review of the facts, the moderators will advise and take action as appropriate.

If this harrassment is happening outside the tournament (i.e., random opponent), then you should appeal to Zynga: http://newtoy.zendesk.com . Although I suspect they will also be unable to give you personal information.

answered 10 years ago by Word Enthusiast (620 points)
Excellent answer I can confirm that we have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment
i get these, too! i'm appalled at the lack of respect from some players! i've been told to "suck my c@@k" when someone told me to "just resign" because i wasn't playing fast enough, and i politely told them that i don't hang around on the game all day, it would take a while to play me.  it's truly offensive what i've seen from players simply because of anonymity.  
i don't want to know these players names, i just want new toy to keep them from playing.
i'd like a GOOD gaming experience.

btw - i HAVE done what bloggermark suggested to no avail.  i've emailed newtoy and given them the info of screen names.  they've never emailed me back.

i think they could care less.

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