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I have played several daily tourns and 2 rounds of monthly, when will I get a rating?

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Please rate me :)
asked 8 years ago in Results by intelligentactile Word Rookie (240 points)

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Not sure what you mean by a ranking. Trying to guess, there's the 'win ratio' that every player receives once they've completed four games (which you had after 4 games in Jan daily)...and there's the Standings, which shows the position of each player based on their win ratio for the  tourny they're playing in (The Results page).

I'm not aware of any other sort of ranking.

Is there another rating? I'd love to know about it. Can you clarify? Thanks

Love your user name by the way.
answered 8 years ago by 4xacharm Word Rookie (420 points)
When you review the rounds btw players in the monthly tournaments, there are stars by their names. It appeared to me as some kind of rating; if not, what are they for?

And thanks on the name :)
OK, these are optional ratings one opponent may give another re: their experience with that player. The rating is a subjective assessment by an opponent and, according to instructions, should not be an assessment of the player's skill level.

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