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If player makes move says im not playin the rest of the day& no move in24hrs will that be the 24hrs forfeit rule?

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asked 10 years ago in Monthly by anonymous

1 Answer

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If the opponent let's you know in advance that he/she cannot play for a certain amount of time (even 24 hours) then you should not call the game at 24 hours. We all have commitments and as long as it is communicated to you then you should allow the player to continue after the 24 hours. Now if the Round is about to end, then you have the right to call the game and record the win. Remember, this is Words With Friends.
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
I think the person made to wait over 24 hours should have the option to invoke the no-show rule unless the game postponement is mutually agreed.

Would like a review of the rule and comment by the moderators.

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