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I suspect fobs65 and persianosway of being cheaters and I'm not the only one....just saying.

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Both of these players use lots of big and obscure words with very little strategy. There is more to this game than just throwing your letters in a descrambler or word matrix ap or whatever and letting it come up with the "best" possible play. I believe they are both cheaters and I'm not the only one that thinks this. Obviously there is no way to prove this but having played both of them multiple times and being that I play this game all the time and have developed a damn good sense of when someone is using outside help I believe both to be WWF CHEATERS!!
asked 9 years ago in Disputes by Word Rookie (200 points)

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Thank you for your comments. We will investigate.
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
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(cutting and pasting here, just posted this in response to a similar topic)

IMO it is absolute bush league to publicly call out a player for "potential" cheating. this goes for either side. you may have your suspicions, but unless you can prove it - which you can't - it is NOT ok to run around dragging someone's name through the mud. what is this, guilty until proven innocent? for all you know you are dealing with a professor or wordsmith or even just a bright person who has been an avid word game player for years. yes, many dirtbags cheat, and i have been highly skeptical of numerous opponents, but even in the most seemingly obvious of cases i would never call out someone's name in a public forum.

listen, as troublesome as the losers who cheat are, nothing is more galling than being wrongfully accused. there are countless seasoned and skilled players out there, and IMO one should exercise restraint in tossing out accusations each time an opponent demonstrates strong wordplay. 

answered 9 years ago by anonymous

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