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Can I play WWF from my att iphone to a verizon one?

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asked 9 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous

1 Answer

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Yes, if they have an iphone or droid and have downloaded the app.  All you need is the UN.  Though the unfortunate thing is that the droid app seems to have bugs where games die, neither player can play.  One of my opponents says they played but it still shows their turn on my ipad and their droid.

I've also read that Droid users having games just dropped mid game.  Also, I've heard they can't chat after a game ends.  So if your opponent doesn't respond to a comment or question when the game is over, they aren't being rude, they just can't use chat.
answered 9 years ago by LuckyDuckQQ Word Freak (2,280 points)

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