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All my opponents names changed to gibberish?

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Yesterday all my opponents names changed to gibberish (see pic) and thier profile pics changed to letters. The names should be real, normal names. They still come up properly in my phone (Droid). Any ideas?


asked 6 years ago in Game Issues by brad1138 Word Rookie (120 points)
Mine has done the same. Did you resolve yours yet?

2 Answers

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Try deleting the app and reloading it. If that doesn't work then contact Zynga directly at http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 6 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
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I had the same problem right after a game update and couldn't find any answers online or at zynga. However, I stumbled upon the solution. Simply click on the green "Start a Game" tab in the upper left corner. When the "Click on a friend to begin a game" tab comes up, click on the link to "refresh friend list" in the upper left corner of that tab. All my "real" friend names came back instantly.

answered 5 years ago by anonymous
Simple and it worked. Thank you! :-)
doggone if that didn't work for me as well, Thank You!!
Thank you! Worked for me too!
Yay!! Thankyou anonymous!! Just even starting down this road fixed my problem!! I even have all my friends faces back now!!  The world is a better place for all the "anonymous" people in it!!
awesome...thanks for the tip...couldn't find any help anywhere else....worked great
Thank you!  Worked like a charm!
Zynga and FB do link/collaborate on friend lists. This collaboration simply allows you to interact with your friends seamlessly without having to build your friends list in every application you use. However, to reconcile your zyngawf issue, simply log into FB from your smart phone. Close your open zynga app on your smart phone and then restart WWF on your smart phone. All of your zyngawf "friends" will now be reconciled with FB to match your expectations. I just walked my wife and her smart phone thru this solution a few minutes ago
Worked great! Thanks  :)
Can't find the refresh your friends list. Where is it?
I don't see a refresh list, and I tried going back to Facebook, and that didn't work. Weird thing is when the reminded pops up, it has the real name.

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