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What is the best strategy when playing WWF?

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asked 10 years ago in Strategy by anonymous

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Answering this question meaningfully depends on your skill level. There are some very basic things everyone must know, which can be found in the Beginner's Guide linked on the home page. From there, I'd suggest you focus on three key things:

1) Develop your vocabulary, which is best done by studying the 3- and 4-letter wordlists and by playing opponents who are better than you. 

2) Think and play defensively. Know the types of board setups that can result in big scores (e.g., lanes to TW, vowels next to DW or TW squares); then avoid opening those opportunities unless you're scoring big or have another strategic reason for it. That is, be a stingy player!

3) Make bingos a part of your strategy. That is, learn to use all seven letters in a single move. In most random games this strategy doesn't matter. However, elite players use bingos for long-range hits on high-scoring squares, while cashing in on the 35-point bonus. 

This advice is quite generic, and it would take a lot more space that this forum affords to delve into the techniques of a great strategy. But I hope this helps a bit.

answered 10 years ago by Word Enthusiast (620 points)
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These two books would be very helpful for anyone interested in learning to play better Scrabble or WWF, especially when it comes to improving strategy:

Everything Scrabble by Joe Edley and John D. Williams, Jr

How To Play Scrabble Like A Champion by Joel Wapnick
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (2,240 points)
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The most generic strategy I can give beginners is: Aim for the colored tiles. It is amazingly frustrating to play an opponent who just puts words randomly on the board without any rhyme or reason to why they placed the word where they did. If you know where you're aiming for you don't even need to know words, your can randomly drop letters on a spot til WWF rejects or accepts a word as valid.

If you're a more advanced player then do what Mark and Tiler say.

answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)

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