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Cannot start new games due to old inactive games still showing as active (5days old!).

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I have already contacted Zynga about this (no answer).  I am also a "paid" player.  I have about 10 inactive games.  Some 5 days old!  Some the other player never even played a word!

Now I cannot play any new games because of the inactive games.  I paid for an app that I can't even use!  This was my first time to buy an "app".
asked 9 years ago in Game Issues by lxj99 Word Rookie (120 points)
i have the same problem.  I have a lot of games that are not being played and can resign on either end.  If this continues I will have to delete this app from my phone.  I also paid for this app.
same here. players haven't made even move #1 after accepting a random opponent game and i am stuck for over 14 hours in some case without the ability to play due to being tie up on inactive games.  also paid the $2.99 - not even the norm $.99 app and can't enjoy.  when will they fix this? it sucks and is ruining what could be a fun game.
The makers of 'Words with friends' have clearly not thought about the 5 day limit thing and will rightfully lose all their users. Hopefully Apple will stop sticking their heads in the sand and allow Adobe Flash to be run on their machines, grr!

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Below is the latest guidance (January) I could find on the Zynga With Friends Help Site. Looks like your problem will self-resolve for you shortly. Although, I also read that auto-resign feature has burdened their servers, causing the time frame to extend at times.

From Zynga With Friends:


Resign Times

  • Contact list games automatically resign on the 12th day of no activity.
  • Random games automatically resign on the 6th day of no activity.

*We are working to provide the ability to 'Resign' at any time. This will be available in a future update to the game.


answered 9 years ago by bloggermark Word Enthusiast (620 points)
Just make sure it's not TOO easy to reign. I am regularly accidentally activating the resign button when I pick up my phone with the game screen up. Usually it tells me I can't resign because it's not my turn. Bt once I accidentally resigned: first by unknowingly hitting the resign button, and then confirming the resign when I picked it up to study it more closely. An 'edit' screen used by many iPhone apps (where you go to a separate screen with a list of items you mark to delete) would be best....removing an inactive  game is not the same as 'resigning'
Need to be able to resign because of inactivity of other player
3 days diff entry long enough

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