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Why can some players play GI as a word and others cannot?

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I have confirmed with at least two to three players on each side of the problem. Every time I see someone play GI I ask them if they always succeed in playing it and they do. I've asked my regular opponents if they can play it and have confirmed at least two  others besides myself who cannot. Yet they notice as well that others are able to play it. What's going on here please?
asked 9 years ago in Dictionary by Iseasky Word Rookie (160 points)
edited 9 years ago by admin

3 Answers

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Gi was just added as a valid word in a recent version update.  Make sure you have the latest version of WWF installed.
answered 9 years ago by ktrahano Word Rookie (240 points)
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GI is a valid word.  Have you updated to the latest version of the game?  Sometimes they update the dictionary between versions
answered 9 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
GI is a valid word for me
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People with Words With Friends 3.10 or earlier cannot play GI.


People with Words With Friends 3.11 or newer can play GI.

The simple answer is KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UP TO DATE.
answered 8 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)

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