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My opponenent $theGoldenJew$ falsely accused me of cheating

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I was winning 1-0 and was well ahead in the second. I suppose that is what motivated the outburst if the player had looked at the words there were no unusual words used even though the scores were very good. The player deemed himself the winner conveniently leaving out theiir losing scores. Accusations should have substance, as an advanced thesaurus developer I do know some very unusual words and have suffered in a similar way on a few occasions
asked 7 years ago in Disputes by Twxtr Word Rookie (140 points)
He's also accused me of cheating in a daily. And he beat me by over 100.

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Would you please send screenshots of the games to admin@wordswithfriends.net?
answered 7 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
Have sent them through. Please note the abusive comments.

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