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Why are "satan" and "arab" not allowed when "god" is?

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Clearly a number of words have been censored due to the possibility of children playing. The same children could of course pick up a respectable dictionary and see the disallowed words.  But not allowing satan and arab is ridiculous!   Then there are non- words which are alloed, like "zincs". Come on!  one cannot have a plural of an element name.
asked 6 years ago in Dictionary by DJgun Word Rookie (140 points)
Zynga has control over the Word list. You can contact them directly to make suggestions.
The words june, Greece, and Jew are also not "acceptable", while greenth is. All are words, yet the first three would all be included in the smallest dictionary, while greenth would not. Is there ANY reason why this game has absolutely senseless word rulings? Zynga's site has no contact info, you may make a suggestion but not ask a question. Are these the word police or is this game just insane? Would love an answer, and if there is a way to actually email Zynga that would be great.
Fop is not allowed. Jew, also. Yid used to be but is no more. The one that annoyed me the most was when a really strong opponent of mine played Medicare. WTH? Clearly a proper noun.

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I would think because satan & arab might be considered names while god can be used as a regular noub as well?
answered 6 years ago by anonymous

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