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Two of my friends' names have changed to "zyngawf + a number--- WHY???

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At first when we played I saw a picture of my friends and their names... now two of them have zyngawf and a number after that.  At first I did not realize who I was playing, until one of them sent me a message.  Now none of the people I am playing show their actual names and no photos.
asked 5 years ago in Game Issues by senora11 Word Rookie (120 points)
I have same problem How do I change it back to the way it was.?  I do not know who I am plaing with
I now get email from that zyn person and I think it is spam or could give me a virus.
I now have this same problem, which occurred immediately after a recent update. These are people I have been playing word with for months! Please fix this because I don't know who I am playing with.

1 Answer

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It's a Zynga assignment of names. Did they just recently start playing on Facebook? They should be able to contact Zynga to have them help to change back to their other username.
answered 5 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (179,080 points)

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