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Admin says 24 hrs for a daily game is "ideal." Putting aside ideal, what is the rule? 24, 48, 72?

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asked 7 years ago in Daily by Ziggoz Word Rookie (220 points)

1 Answer

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We encourage all games to be completed. Due to various reasons including time zone differences it may take a couple of days to complete the Daily games.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
I understand this isn't my website and that you will run the site however you want, but I strongly suggest that you implement a rule requiring games to be finished within, say, 48 hours. No more than 72. If the game cannot be completed in that window, the losing player must resign, and the score reported as-is. Players who can complete a game in 24-48 hours should not be forced to play at the pace of someone who takes 96 hours or more. It sucks all the fun out of the game when your opponent does 1 move per 24 hours. The more active player in this situation should be under no obligation to play.

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