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I started a game with a user who won't communicate. What do I do?

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asked 10 years ago in Daily by Word Rookie (170 points)
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Sometimes for various reasons opponents are not able to commence play in a timely manner.  The rules governing these circumstances are as follows:
NO SHOWS “ Games should begin as soon as possible; however, if attempts to reach the opponent are unsuccessful, here are the no-show rules:
a) 12-hour Soft No-Show – Mark the Round a “No-Show” if no contact after 12 hours; however, you are obligated to play if the player engages within 24 hours of the start of the round (e.g., midnight Pacific for the Battle for America Daily Challenge).
b) 24-hour Hard No-Show – If the player doesn’t engage after 24 hours, then there is no obligation to play the game. It remains a no-show.
c) Slow Players – Sometimes a player may engage within the 24-hour window, but might seem to “run out the clock.” In this case, you may invoke a “Time Ran Out” victory, which shows as “Incomplete” but awards you the win since your opponent was at fault for delaying. Before using this option, please use the Private Messaging option, as well as WWF chat, to warn the other player. IF you use this option, keep substantive proof (i.e., screen shots) showing gross delays on your opponent’s part. If you are both responsible for delays, then simply do not record a result for that round, and neither player is charged with a loss.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)

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