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This isn't a question, more of a suggestion for how to improve the playing experience in the daily tournament.

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I've been encountering a lot of slow players lately, players who take 6+ hours between turns. I have a suggestion to take care of this problem. If a player encounters a slow opponent, say an opponent who takes more than 3 hours per turn over a full 24 hour period, that player may report the opponent to DebbyOC/admin. If you get reported for slow play more than, say, 3 times in month, DebbyOC/admin blocks you from the site for the next 2 months. This might not be the perfect answer to the problem, but it'd be a start. Nothing sucks the fun from a game like glacial-paced play.
asked 9 years ago in Daily by Word Rookie (220 points)

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Thank you for your comments. We will take a look at your suggestion. There are many reasons why players cannot play quickly. We do ask that all players communicate with their opponents about long delays in play. Time zones come into play many times as well.
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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