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Consider turning daily into year long race?

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Hi, Don

Not to add more work to your full plate, but I just had an idea that it might be fun to have a running daily challenge race that goes for the full year, not just the month. You could have a 200 game minimum, for example.

P.S. You were right about the Swiss system. Much more parity now.

Thanks, Matt
asked 9 years ago in Daily by blackjag Word Rookie (250 points)

1 Answer

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That's a pretty long cycle!  If we do end up implementing cash prizes for the daily I would think they would be awarded on a monthly basis.  However we can now easily access all time win loss records so could determine the highest winning percentage over a calendar year.  Send us some feedback using the link at the bottom left of the screen with your idea.  Technically it would not be too difficult to produce a yearly leaderboard.  Swiss System does add some complications since pre and post records are not really comparable.
answered 9 years ago by www.wordswithfriends.net Word Veteran (1,170 points)

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