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Can you have a game with three or more people in the same game?

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A group of my friends and i are all playing eachother but we would like to all play eachother in the same game. is that an option?
asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
I would love it if multipile players could play one game

2 Answers

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Not that I know of. The game is currently set up for two players. It might be a good suggestion to send to the makers of WWF, Zynga. Click on the "?" at the bottom of your screen and send that question to support. It will be interesting to see how they respond. Let us know.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
Yes we would love to all play in the same game - lets hope they can do it :-)
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answered 9 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)
edited 9 years ago by scooteristi

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