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The word "iz" is not on list of acceptable words. How did my opponent use it and beat me with it?

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asked 8 years ago in Dictionary by Word Rookie (120 points)
I made another post about this... Android users got an update with some new dictionary words. This includes "IZ" and "LE". Iphone users are out of luck. This gives a small but unfair advantage to android users. You can for example place a Z to the right of a bonus tile. The iphone user in some situations is helpless to prevent the android user from playing IZ because even if he has an "I" he can't use it, he can only try to block the other guy from using it.

Eventually they will probably update the iphone word list also, but until then, games with "IZ" and "LE" are somewhat tainted.
This has also happened to me. I play on an ipad. Very unfair!
It's worse now. Android users can play a host of weird 2 letter words now. NS, CU, EB, EE, OO, AC, some others. These are actually part of an older update (the one where "ZA" first appeared) but I don't believe I was able to play them before, and now I can. It's like I got an update that made the problem worse instead of better.

Supposedly an android patch was released that was supposed to fix the issue, but I haven't gotten it... I may need to uninstall/reinstall.
I recently played iz, on my Android and it worked. Now, days later, without update, its no longer accepted.
I had a person use 'iz' against me in early December and I was unable to use the same word off the other front of the 'z' on the VERY next play.
This is what has apparently happened. One particular android-only update introduced many weird 2-letter words. If your device had the update you could play them, but that didn't automatically enable your opponent to play them. Your opponent must also have the update. Otherwise even within the same game players can have 2 different sets of words they're allowed to use.

Since then, a subsequent update has removed those words on androids. I tried intentionally NOT updating, and for a while that worked (other android friends couldn't play the words but I could). Later though, I simply was unable to enter any of my games. And in fact the manual update didn't seem to fix that issue. So I did an uninstall/reinstall. From that point on I have been unable to use the words.
oh well buy an Android then, looser.
By the way......    The spelling is  loser..... Not looser !
maybe the writer is just looser?
I tried suggesting some new words on Zynga's WWF suggestion form using Google docs https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHlHX0V6dnRIb05JbTVyaEYxc3lsVWc6MQ
but it appears the form must be broken, because I always get an error after hitting 'submit'.

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Zynga has control over the word list. You can contact them at http://newtoy.zendesk.com

I have heard recently that the system was accepting "iz".
answered 8 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
No, I tried to use it in a subsequent game and it was rejected.
Well then your opponent must've hacked their dictionary.
Someone used "iz" on me and I was surprised it was acceptable.  Well, I turned around and used "iz" on someone else and it was not acceptable?  Can you explain this to me?
Can anyone tell me how my friend played "IZ", yet I can't play it? If they "hacked" the dictionary, what does that mean? Is it a cheat app? If so, I really want to know, becuase I can't stand to play with a cheater.
I heard that Iphone versions have a different dictionary than other systems.  I texted someone who used the IZ word and another who used LE but I could not and asked and they confirmed they were not on an iphone.  Pretty stupid - why not publish the one official list???

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