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Android's latest update accepts "IZ" and "LE" Will you mention this somewhere and update the validator?

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Basically Android players can now play words that iphone & ipad users can't. IZ and LE are two of them but there may be more.

IZ is especially significant. Already I have seen situations where I can drop a Z below or to the right of a DW or TW bonus area on the board. The opponent must either make a word with Z in it on his next turn (which may sell out) or find some way to prevent you from dropping an "I" in front of the Z.

If he can't do either of those, he might watch me earn 30 points or more when I play IZ. 

Can the word validator be adjusted to include these new words, with maybe some sort of note like *android only, until the next iphone update ?

asked 7 years ago in Game Features by Matthew Lala Word Rookie (120 points)
What?! Android users can play words that iPhone and iPad users can't?! That's outrageous! Admins, is there a way you can pair people up based on what platform they use? That way, iPhone users would play only other iPhone users, etc.

1 Answer

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You need to contact Zynga directly on this. Their help desk is http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 7 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
I'm saying this site (wordswithfriends.net) should make an announcement about it. It's something the players in a tournament should know about, it gives the android users a tiny but unfair advantage.

I was thinking you might even ban words that aren't accepted on both devices. It kind of taints the match when one player uses the word and the other player can't.

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