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WWF had to "repair" my games, and a daily match disappeared from my list of games

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The App told me to keep it open so it could take several minutes to repair whatever it thought was wrong.  Then it said some of my games were removed, which just happened to be Round 23.  I've contacted my opponent via the site to find out if s/he can still see the game.  No response yet.  I'm not sure what to do.
asked 9 years ago in Game Issues by Word Rookie (180 points)

2 Answers

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This just happened to me and as it was nearing the end of a very close game between myself and my boyfriend and for once I might just have a chance at winning, starting again was simply not an option... not the we are competitive or anything ;)

I tried to force stop the app and clear the cache but this didn't help so I uninstalled and re-installed the app and the game showed up when I logged in again.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
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Start another game with your opponent and explain the situation. Hopefully he/she will be willing to play a new game.
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
Can't Play Daily After "Repaired" Game Disappears from Game List

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