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Validity of yald

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My opponent played the word "yald".  I questioned its validity.  On your web site it is listed as valid and then gives dictionary.com and meriam-webster dictionary to check.  When you check those sources they both say there is no such word.  I believe you mean the word "yauld" which is a valid word.  My opponent says if the game lets you play it, it is valid, even though there is no such word. Obviously, you have made a mistake.  Please correct this as my opponent refuses to acknowledge that "yald" is not a word.

Thank you

asked 8 years ago in Disputes by anonymous
I just used it.. and it's an adjective... it means full of vigor
It is now June 2012 and I used the word recently and it was accepted.  I also looked it up in  Dictionary.com and Merrium Webster and they claim 'no such word'.  I am curious as to where you found your definition.  There are also many words listed in "Collins Tournament & Club Word List" that Words With  Friends does not accept.  Words like dred, kefir, wicca, dowl, acer yet it does accept liroth, eugenia, ixia.  Their logic seems very irrational.
"yald" is NOT a word! It is not listed in any Shorter Oxford Dictionary or any other (Macquarie/Collins) dictionary I have consulted.
Look in the Collins English Dictionary.  Yald is a perfectly valid word which means vigorous, lively, active

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WWF uses the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE). The owners of WWF, Zynga has control over the word lists. Any requests to add or delete words should be addressed directly to Zynga.
answered 8 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
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The Scrabble dictionary lists YALD as an alternate spelling of YAULD.  Merriam-Webster may not recognize YALD as a word, but apparently at least two out of the other four source dictionaries for the Scrabble dictionary recognize YALD as valid.  WWF uses a modified version of the ENABLE wordlist to determine the validity of words played in the game, and YALD is also included in ENABLE.  I don't know who or what determines which words make up the ENABLE list, but unless something has interfered with the program's normal functioning then whatever words you see on a WWF board are valid according to WWF's version of ENABLE.
answered 8 years ago by Tiler8 Word Freak (2,240 points)
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“An 'see the lish yald shepherd lads how Monkside heights they climb,”

The Kielder Hunt 

answered 7 years ago by anonymous
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I just played yald and it worked fine!
answered 6 years ago by anonymous

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