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how do I pay to remove adverts while using my ipad - thanks in advance

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I need step by step instruction for my mum-in-law who is playing as I'm not an apple person.


Thanks soo much for any help offered................
asked 7 years ago in Game Features by Bali-Mum Word Rookie (120 points)

1 Answer

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You/she now has the app named "Words With Friends Free". On iTunes go to the App Store and buy/download the app named "Words With Friends" which costs US$2.99. Then both apps will be on the iPad. Play the non-free one. Delete the free one if desired.
answered 7 years ago by SteveBrecher Word Rookie (180 points)
Thanks Steve I've cut and pasted your advice into an email ad suggested she give it a go.  Will keep you posted.

Thanks again - Shona - aka Bali-Mum

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