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Anyone else out there locked out of the app? I cannot access the game AT ALL...Please help
asked 7 years ago in Game Issues by Low-impact Word Rookie (360 points)
Mine just spins and says "sending move".
My WWF app is not working either. Zynga is having issues with all their games right now. They say they are working on it.
Thanks.. My games not updating at all and also keeps spinning !!
I can't even get on the game. Everytime i try, i get the "This webpage is unavailable" page like my internet is not working.
I can't update at all.  Spinning, spinning, spinning!!!
Mine has been messed up all day.  Uninstalled twice, I give up. Surely it will get fixed soon enough

1 Answer

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i cant get any of my with friends games to work for over an hour now
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
Tried reloading wwf and now I cannot access wwf at all. :(

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