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How do I know it's my turn?Ive got sony ericsn xperiaX10 phone.Got sound when playing but none that it's my turn again?

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I get all the sound once I'm in the game but I never know when the other person has gone unless I just keep checking my phone ALL the time...I don't get a notification sound or anything on my sony ericcson Xperia X10 phone,is it my phone settings(if so does anyone know where/howon my phone that I get that sound to work??) or is it in the game settings or what..I'm a little confused because my dad plays and he gets a ping/ding sound every time the other person has played so he knows when to go in and play his turn again..HELP please??!!
asked 10 years ago in Game Features by anonymous

1 Answer

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I am sorry that I can't help you on this. I would check the settings on your phone for the "notifications".
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)

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