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What does "the Daily Challenges are played against ranked players" mean?

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In the Feb 06 Daily Winners post on the front page, the following was stated:

"As you know, the Daily Challenges are played against ranked players so it is always a great accomplishment to be at the top of the list by the end of the month."

I actually don't know, but would like to know how the challenge matchups are picked.  Does this mean that the daily matchups are picked using some kind of seeding mechanism using the rankings than a purely random draw?  I don't see anything in the rules describing this.

BTW...I think seeding the matchups is a good thing!!
asked 8 years ago in Daily by Word Rookie (130 points)
can you ask and seed by the average score per move for the daily challenge?  - http://ask.wordswithfriends.net/index.php/10265/you-and-seed-the-average-score-per-move-for-the-daily-challenge

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In the Daily Challenges after four games are played the players are then ranked by win ratio. The pairings are then done by ranking so players with the same win ratio will play each other. To see the ranking (after four rounds) go to Results and click on "February Daily Challenge". That will then show you the rankings.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous

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