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Posted result of Feb Daily Round 15, Bellatrix / Matt-Neidert

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I was having some technical difficulties during a game against Matt-Neidert.  He sent me a message, basically telling me to hurry up (although I was managing to make the occasional move, and approximately 12 moves were made over a 48 hour period).  I tried to reply by chat, but my messages weren't sending ... I also tried to send an email through this site, to ask him to bear with me, mark the game as 'in progress', and that we could then continue, him remaining in the draw for the following day (this seemed to be of concern to him).  After my last move, he informed me that he had posted the game as 'incomplete'!!!  Because I wasn't playing fast enough (and as you can see from the above, moves were always made within the 24 hr period).   I am a little dismayed to learn that he has not only marked the game as incomplete .... but has also claimed a WIN!!!  After my final move, he resigned!  The score stood at

98 to Bellatrix,

85 to Matt_Neidert.  

I would be grateful if you would be good enough to rectify what is clearly an error on his part.  Surely if he has resigned, he cannot claim a win?  And do I need to point out that he also had a lower score?!!

Thank you
asked 7 years ago in Disputes by Bellatrix Word Rookie (220 points)

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The purpose of the Daily Challenges is to complete a game each day. There are reasons that a game might take a couple of days but we ask that you play only if you can commit to playing on a regular basis. Making only twelve plays in 48 hours is not quick enough play. If you cannot commit to playing a game a day then I would recommend that you not play in the Daily Challenges. I have changed the result of the game to no winner.
answered 7 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
For the record, I am a committed player and could not forsee that I was going to be held up by technical difficulties.  I also, it seems mistakenly, expect to be treated with the same degree of tolerance that I show to my opponents.  Thank you again for changing the result, and indeed for your recommendations.  On that note, I have, as recommended, opted out of the daily challenge, as I find I have somehow lost interest in being a part of this community following your response.  It is a shame, as I have met some truly lovely people.  If you would be so good as to remove ALL of my details from this site I should be grateful, including those from this questions and answers site.

For the record .... the link that you recommended to me (newtoy), and are still recommending to others, for technical help with the app.  I informed you that it seemed to be unmanned and was sending me (and many others) in circles.  This still appears to be the case.

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