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When I logged in to record the results for two of my games I was shown as a no-show which is not true.

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I saw that two of the opponents assigned to me recorded me as not responding to messages that they sent me and that I did not play. They are Ed7863 and cookiemnst. I started both games and neither player rsponded. I followed with a message to both letting them know that my user name is different from the email sent from you (which I need to know how to correct) letting them know who I am. I got no response from either of them. ( I never received a message from either of them) . This was not a problem with the other games I have played. e I took screen shots of the games and the messages that I sent. I am new and do not want to offend or do anything wrong. Please help. Maybe a glitch somewhere?
asked 7 years ago in Disputes by Darlindebbied Word Rookie (120 points)

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You need to go to "My Tourney" and click on "Edit Profile". There you can change your username. Your opponents have the right to record games as no show when they can't find you.
answered 7 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)

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