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Please update Mar. Monthly Rd 1- Rd. is in progress Janmorris56 vs Looney1971

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Hi Debby, I misrepresented my monthly Rd. 1 game. Looney1971 declined my initial invitation to play and I recorded the Rd as forfeited. Then later in the day he came back wtih an invite. I said ok, but since he declined my game, we should consider that one as forfeited and his game would then be Game 2. I played my word, and now haven't heard back from him in 5 or 6 hours. i tried to change the score back to an in-progress game status but it wouldn't  go back.  Sorry for my mistake, and thanks!

Jan Morris
asked 7 years ago in Monthly by janmorris56 Word Rookie (220 points)

1 Answer

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It looks like you were able to correct it. Check out the rules about declined games and you can decide how you want to record the first game.
answered 7 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,320 points)

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