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Opponent posted score in Monthly bef game over (to his advantage) but I later won - Can this be changed to show my win?

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e~frizzle said we had to hurry to finish the 3 games, so he went ahead and posted the current score, which was in his favor. My contention is that he/she should have waited to post the final score. I can send a screen shot but not a link - the game itself was deleted. The score was 448 to 438 my favor (vintage40s versus e~frizzle Game two of Monthly)
asked 8 years ago in Disputes by Word Veteran (1,360 points)

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Results must be posted prior to the end of the Round. There is a Countdown Timer on the Home Page that shows how much time is left in the Round. It appears that your opponent posted the win before the Round ended.

Rule 2 states:

POST OR YOU’RE TOAST – If neither player is reported as the winner by the posted deadline, then both players are instantly eliminated. There is no excuse for failing to report a winner on time. Even if the games remain incomplete, one player must log in and post a winner in order to prevent automatic double elimination. Obviously, it is best if both players agree, in advance, as to the criteria (e.g., highest scorer, current leader, faster player) for determining which player should advance in the incomplete round.

answered 8 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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