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How long in round one to I give my opponent to play? He/she won't play or say anything. Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks for letting me know!
asked 8 years ago in Monthly by Word Rookie (120 points)
I am really confused as to the rules and etiquette of this Tourney...I've been playing on my Android, and there is not much instruction how to play in the Tourney or on the PC.  If anybody could direct me to the place to find all this out, I'd be very grateful.

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Rule 5 states: Games should begin as soon as possible; however, if attempts to reach the opponent are unsuccessful for 24 hours and the opponent refuses to engage, then the aggrieved player should mark the round a Win due to “No-Show.” Screen shots of chats and/or saved emails may be requested by us if the opponent disputes.

If there has been no response in 24 hours then you can claim a "win" by "no show". Please send a screenshot showing the 24 hours to admin@wordswithfriends.net
answered 8 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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