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I was assigned 2 opponents for April 2013 Monthly Round 2, first: "paulsupple" & now: "Pgmcd06"

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I'm in the middle of 2 games with paulsupple, who I was initially assigned to. According to him, I'm listed as his opponent on his profile. However, on mine, it changed to Pgmcd06 being my opponent.

Pgmcd06 hasn't started any games with me. Which is the "official" opponent I'm supposed to be paired up with?

asked 8 years ago in Monthly by Word Rookie (170 points)

1 Answer

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You should be playing the opponent that is listed on the site. We have been having some glitches in the assignment of opponents.
answered 8 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
So since I'm listed as paulsupple's opponent, and pgmcd06 is listed as mine, I have 2chances to move up in the tourney? What happens if I win in one & lose in the other?

Pgmcd06 says I'm also listed as his opponent. So what does that mean for Paulsupple?

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