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new phone can't get into words requires password do not know password

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I have been playing word for months  got a new phone now words is asking for a password in order for me to start playing again   how do I get a password or if I had one how do I find out what it is>
asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
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I have the same prob and the links that u provide don't email any password. I dont have an account but it says I do. So I type it my email to get my password emailed and nothing happens.
Any plan to fix this any time soon?  No e-mail is being sent.
I had the same problem forever..then I checked my spam folder on the web (instead of on phone) and there were the emails!  Check your spam folder
No email is being sent to me either!!! Not in my spam folder or anything!
I am having the same problem as well. Had my iPhone replaced, and cannot remember my passwords that were deleted in my notes on phone.
Is anyone there at Zygna to help? I miss playing words with my real friends!
Same problem. New phone, don't have Facebook and never had a password but now it wants a password reset. Says it is sending email but they never arrive. Even went to Webmail and turned blocking and spam filters completely off, tried to send the password reset emails several more times and they just don't come. Just repurchased the game. If I can't play any more how do I get my money back?
Since the password reset is not going to work, is there any way to delete the original account and create a new one? Or can we never play again?
I used the advice above and checked my spam folder on the web instead of my phone and there were all the emails from the MANY times i tried the reset.  Note that only the most recent email will work.  Thanks to whoever figured that out as this was VERY frustrating!!!
You have to go to wordswithfriends.com and reset the password through the support tab at the website.  It won't work to try to reset it through the app on your device.
The emails were not in my web spamfolder either, never came at all. Finally got through to Zynga help, even got an email that help was on the way. but here's the kicker - you have to complete a form that asks what version you are using. Your can only respond through a drop-down menu. Our version wasn't there, only earlier versions, so I chose the most recet one. Finally got Zynga's email response to my question about password reset - it was to upgrade to the most recent version!
We finally created a new email address and were able to start as a new account that way.
I had the same problems resetting password, but click the support tab on wordswithfriends.com and Bingo Bingo, it works!
i reset my password account still not working
Still not fixed after 12 months - come on droid wwf developers!!!
I'm having the same problem...no e-mails are being sent and I can't access my Words with Friends games. Really frustrating!
Husband dropped new Iphone in the water so we had to go through this yet again. I completely disabled spam and virus filters but again, no email ever came. So we created another new email account to restart as a new account. You will notice there is NO password on a new account - no wonder thay haven't been able to email one to us! So on our existing Words accounts we have entered passwords, hoping to avoid this problem in the future.
I'm having the same problem  not able to login and I went to reset my password and there's nothin in my email...sheesh.
Same problem. Thought maybe it was the iPhone 5 but I guess it's Zynga...
same problem here.  no password sent.
I got a new Iphone 5 and have the same problem... love the customer support LOL...I still have my Iphone 4 and can play with my old username at home on WIFI, but it is a pain not to be able to play in the real world. I did get an email from zynga telling me to update to the newest version which I already have version 5.30.. I can play on my new phone, but with a username that zynga created I want my old username for tournaments and because I like the name...
Just posted and decided to go ahead and update WWF anyway and it came up and asked if I wanted to login from FB or email.. I chose email and the password I used worked and all of my games and username are there... Wow!!
Yes!! On my phone there was no message in spam, yet when I went to my computer, sure enough the message from WWF was in spam..  Thank you!
Just acquired a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Had WWF on my old Motorola WWF.  Was surprised by password request after I downloaded WWF to new phone; didn't remember what I entered so I followed the 'Lost Password' instructions.  However, no promised email was ever received.  I followed suggestions about checking SPAM filters and looking at mail on website instead of email client on my phone or pc.  But NOTHING!  I've spent about 4 hours on this and can't afford any more time.   TOO BAD, I was just starting to like this game.
My only remedy was to create another email account so it would not recognize me as a previous account holder. Worked fine using new acct. Sad that this continues to be a problem for so many when password retrieval works fine with other apps. Good luck!
Thanks for response.  Hate to have to create a new email just for a game but may come to that.  Too bad WWF doesn't have a better support process.
It is a shame. I play SongPop and, after my experience with WWF, when there was a problem with the game recently I didn't expect much when I contacted SP's support team. However, unlike Words, they emailed me several times until it was fixed and even after to be sure things were still working. So it is possible to provide decent support even with a large volume of players.

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This is taken from the knowledge base:
If you have a new iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that you wish to access your Games With Friends account from, you will need to do the following:
If you have access to your old device:
  • Launch Words With Friends on your old device
  • Tap on the account settings button
  • Enter a new password
If you do NOT have access to the original device:
  • Set a password on the account using the password reset tool: http://wordswithfriends.newtoyapps.com/forgot_password
  • An email will be sent to you providing a link to a web page that will allow you to set your password. If you sent multiple requests only use the last reset link that was sent to you.
Once the account is activated as in either of the two steps above, you will be able to access your account on your new device!
answered 9 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
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im having the same problem no email is being sent to me
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
Just tried the same thing. Got no email notice to reset password.
Yep...same thing here.  Very frustrating as I had several games going and cannot access them.
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I need my password for words with friends..
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
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I've been so frustrated with this.  I reset my password on my laptop, checked spam folder over and over....and nothing.  Until I moved to an internet connection that was unsecure.  Then I  to go the the support page on my laptop, reset the password, and there was an e-mail in my spam folder.  So make sure you have the most updated version, reset your password from a computer, check your spam folder, and try an unsecure network.  That's what worked for me.

answered 7 years ago by anonymous
I reset my password on my computer, got the email in my inbox and the new password still didn't work...until I restarted my phone.  Then it worked perfectly.

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