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Strategies when you start with 2 premium tiles and 2 S's

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So I started off with 2 premium tiles and 2 S's. I hoped to hold on to them and use TW/TL tiles, but I gotta say that my opponent had ideas of his own. Every time I dumped a premium tile I got another one back ( I ended up with all 4). I wanted to see what other people's strategies are when faced with this similar situation. Obviously bingos are not a realistic option, but do they dump the premiums or try to wait it out.
asked 6 years ago in Strategy by ddckyc Word Rookie (140 points)

1 Answer

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you might try slapping a vowel next to a triple letter square while leaving something somewhere else to entice your opponrnt to play there... go for a 2-letter word like ZA XI JO QI.... now, if you really want to score points, leave a CONSTANaNT (possibly a vowel depending if you can make OE AE OI, etc)... the object would be to then make TWO two-letter words at once getting you 6x the value of the tile..... this even works good with tiles like M, P, B and F.... which would get your 24 points a pop for just that tile alone.... cheers  (the S's aren't even needed)

i got 37 points for the word "IF" against my aunt.... F on a triple letter square... made the words IF twice and the word QI   (played IF directly under QI)

answered 6 years ago by kcuf123 Word Enthusiast (560 points)

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