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How to delete "ex" players so they are removed from leader board?

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I have played some people once and even though I no longer play them (some for months) they still remain in my friends list somehow because their weekly scores are in my leaderboard. One of the people is a BIG cheat so is always top of leaderboard, I find this infuriating. They are not my "friend" in facebook or anywhere else and I dont know how to remove them. Any ideas?? THANK YOU SO MUCH
asked 1 year ago in Game Issues by scottishangela Word Rookie (130 points)
I came here to find the answer to this question and I see no solutions.
Me too..I have names on my leaderboard of random players that I played and now I can't get 'em off the board. I just want to see my friends from Facebook and from my contacts on the board, not complete strangers.
I don't understand why people I have played once or twice are on my leader board. I want them gone.
I agree. some creep-cheater name bipashabasu  is on my leader board and is not a friend and every time I try to play this unknown jerk he declines
Still no answers? There has to be a way! Anybody???
Me too...I'm having the same prob and it's bs if you ask me!....I have 1 guy at the top of my leaderboard all the time...wtf...want him gone
How do you know if someone is cheating
Does anyone have an answer?????? Please!
Having he same problem!
I also have people who hooked off during the first game and yet stay on the WWF leader board forever! Want to delete them but cannot!
I reported this to them and voila tonight..magically all of these folks disappeared!  Wow it's a miracle!!!

5 Answers

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You will need to contact Zynga directly on this. Their help desk is http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 1 year ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (129,400 points)
I contacted Zynga and asked this very same question. Their reply was not helpful at all...
'unfortunately there's no option in the game or on our end to remove the players who are in your leader board. The leaderboard is a system-generated feature and being updated automatically. Kindly delete all the games you have with the players you don't want to see on your leader board and wait for it to reset.'
I  have deleted all games with said player yet they continue to appear.
Yep same here
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The person who is still at the top of my leader board plays impossible words and is always 1000's of points ahead of everybody else...... I find it crazy we still dont have this feature to delete ex players.
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
I'm in the same situation! I just want this random player that I only played 2 times GONE!!!
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I wonder if I add more "friends" will the unwanted folks eventually disappear if there's no activity?
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
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Delete the game or app and then reinstall it.. It keeps the games you are still playing but gets rid of the people you don't play with on the leaderboard
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
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You have to contact Zynga directly. We are an independent wwf tournament site from the wwf app. Zynga's help desk is http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 1 year ago by anonymous

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