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I'm getting a daily opponent even though I've withdrawn.

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I'd like to only play in the daily tournament on my off days from work.  In this case I want to play on Sunday, but not on Monday.  I rejoin on Saturday and get a Sunday opponent, no problem.On Sunday evening, I withdraw and the website shows that, but I wake on Monday to find I've been assigned an opponent and I'm back in the tournament.  Please advise. Thank you.


Why no reply?  This happens every week. It's  not fair to the players who draw me on Mondays as I play the games, but much more slowly then I would otherwise.
asked 5 years ago in Website issues by hardcle Word Rookie (220 points)
edited 5 years ago by hardcle
Only recently found your response.  I withdrew at 5am CT on Sunday yet I still got a Monday opponent.

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Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend that you opt out on Sunday morning after you have received your Sunday opponent. I am not sure what time zone you are in but the assignments for Monday are done around 1:00 am PST on Monday.
answered 5 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (180,920 points)

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