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Do you think it is unfair of the creators of WWF to have created the "vision" app giving players 3 words? It

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This new feature, the vision app, creates an u fair advantage.
asked 7 years ago in Game Features by Rosebuddha Word Rookie (140 points)

3 Answers

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Whether its fair to use it or not is a matter for each player to determine.  I believe that its unfair  expecting people to pay for it!  The only zynga app I have bought is the Stats App, add-in as it appeals to my maths background :-)
answered 7 years ago by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)
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Hi Rosebuddha,

A friend of mine spent the $AU1-00 to buy the Vision app, and asked me to pit myself against it.  I don't buy anything from Zynga, as I am always sceptical about paying anything extra for anything that alleges an advantage; make it free and be done with it...anyhoo...

My conclusion? It is absolute rubbish; on non fewer than 3 occasions, it missed obvious bingoes, and provided small words only, all of which I determined myself, but dismissed as options to use.

There were more obvious higher scoring options available, that did not appear on the 3 choices available.

So, IMHO its not worth spending the $1-00 to get 10 clues, when a intermediate level player such as I, can determine better options free of charge :-)
answered 6 years ago by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)
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agree the these options maybe have use for someone clueless trying to learn, but they ruin a tourney such as this, and are a cheap trick by zynga to separate chlidren from their parents' money.  zynga is pretty shameless in that regard.
answered 6 years ago by babstoyfish Word Freak (2,330 points)

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