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Can't get into Sept. Monthly

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The monthly countdown for Round 1 has started, but this morning when I tried to get my opponent, it says I can't play until the round starts. I know many months the monthly doesn't start right at the beginning of the 1st day, but I don't seem to remember the timer going until it starts. Has the September monthly started?
asked 7 years ago in Monthly by imani08 Word Rookie (330 points)

2 Answers

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It is always like this. They give us an extra day for the 1st round because of it. I hate it! They need to start them on time. I hate going in every we hours to check if started. It's 2:45 MDT & no game yet. That is frustrating!
answered 7 years ago by mom2boys3girls Word Freak (3,910 points)
ok, thx. I know it's usually late starting, but I guess I never noticed the timer having started. Patience is a virtue I never got very good at ;)
It has started. No daily yet, but monthly is started.
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I can't get in either.  I registered on the last day of August and still today it tells me I have to wait for the draw.
answered 7 years ago by BenTrovato91 Word Rookie (200 points)

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