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Why do the games end when I still have tiles to play and can score enough to win?

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This has happened to me three times. I am the player in the second position, the first player plays his/her tile(s) which is enough to put him in the lead and finishes his/her tiles. I still tiles and legal moves on the board that can result in a win, but the game is over. Why am I not given the ability to play my last tiles? How do I keep this from happening?
asked 8 years ago in Disputes by anonymous
This is just all kind of wrong!  I save my letter to win with five and game over with the opponent's two!  How exactly does this mess work and are words acceptable from a phone and not not my iPad?  They seem to be!

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That's how the game works. When there are no tiles left to draw from the pile and one player uses all their tiles, game over.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
What if you're behind and use all your tiles?
You lose the game.
But that is not fair!  If you are the second player that means that you should get to finish the turn with your move.  It's the equivalent of giving player one 15, for example, turns and player two only 14.  Player two ought to be able to use his/her tiles IF he/she is player number two.  The game ought to reflect that in order to be fair.
No, that would be baseball. The rules of this game are different in that the  first player to run out of tiles ends the game, and the winner is the player with the highest score at that point.

If you are ever involved in, say, Gun Play, be forewarned that the rules are also different in a similar, but inverse fashion:  the first person to run out of bullets always loses.
Haha!  Nice!
I think this rule is stupid as well. Basically you have less chance of winning if you are player 2, or if you decide to exchange tiles at any point. You should be able to make moves until no one can move anymore.
The only reason you say this is b/c u must suck at the game. Im kinda awesome at it and the rules work just fine. I haven't been beat in my last 25 matches. Think u want the title? Username: straponqueen (if u have the ballz)
that's not very friendly
But it is funny!
Don't be a hater, I also think each player should have same number of turns.  Not untill both run out, but if player 1 gets 15 turns so should player 2.  Especially since we use same letter pool.  Even if I use more letters during the game player one can still run out 1st, and get bonus points for doing so, at least let player 2 make their last move, then if he still has letters add and subtract his remaining letters
Don't like it? Program your own game.
Scooteristi, that kind of attitude is very problematic. That's akin to saying "don't like the government? Go make your own." There is nothing wrong with questioning existing practices, whether they apply to a mere game or extend to more important matters, and it is greatly disturbing when people respond with an authoritarian attitude that it's "this way or the highway." I appreciate the fairness exhibited by a number of previous responses, that each player ought to be allowed the same number of turns.

Finally, in response to the comment that such a complaint must infer that I "suck at the game" -- I'm actually very good. But skill has nothing to do with fairness; I believe the game ought to implement fair rules and that's all I'm saying. The rest of  you should probably go back to Kindergarten and re-learn some things.
You should take up your complaint with Alfred Mosher Butts.
That's lame, especially when the other person went first and won and you have good tiles left and can beat them.  Basically this means whoever goes first always has an advantage.
The rule isn't stupid.  Your logic would only apply if everybody used the same amount of letters each turn.  Make big words and the letters will go faster, either player could easily beat the other.
The rule IS stupid, both players are given equal opportunity to play up to 7 tiles per turn.  If one player has MORE turns than the other, that is unfair.  The player playing second should always get an opportunity to finish.  Dumb rule.  And yes, the player going first has an advantage.  Fix it.
The game is inherently unfair in this respect.  If you don't agree with that you are a moron.  But those are the rules.
All these comments about it not being "fair" that there are not even numbers of turns make me laugh and also make me nauseated.  Why don't YOU always INSIST on starting the game?  In Words With Friends it is NOT a definite advantage to start.  In Scrabble, MAYBE, because the middle star doubles your word.  In Words, unless you can start with a five letter word or more, it can be a disadvantage to start.  You must use your letters wisely and well, and THAT creates the advantage.
Going first is a huge advantage in words with friends, that is completely obvious and all you idiots who say otherwise are just plain ignorant. All you need to do is win one game then you're the one who gets to go first the next game so you can always have that advantage, if the game s going to end when the first person runs out of tiles then you will always be able to end the game first and receive the bonus points while at the same time subtracting points from your opponent who is left holding tiles. Someone should do the math for real but in the games I play about 70% are won by player 1. So that makes it pretty clear that player 2 is always at a disadvantage, especially since there is no way for you to know how many ties your opponent as left so you don't know if you should play all of your letters or not, it's ridiculous.
I just beat a guy who played first with a 59 point move. Going first doesn't give you any advantage. If you have to have an additional move at the end to win then you simply aren't good at the game.
Going first does give you an advantage, you can swap your tiles, potentially have one more move.

When we play the loser always goes first
i've gone second three times in a row with my friend and beat him by over 200 everytime. Your junk at the game if you complain about going second!
I just started playing a few weeks ago and I'm a savant. I'd wipe the floor with everyone on this thread. This rule is illogical to the point of being silly, but the employees of Zynga (down to temp workers in the accounting department) are obnoxious jackasses.  I'd rather stab my balls with a knitting needle than spend 30 seconds at a cocktail party with any of them.

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